Company Overview

@t Soft Technologies is a Creative IT service Specialist who just spins the table in 2003. We strive to lead in the design, development and production of the industry’s most unconventional information technologies methods. We offer high quality services for the following: Website development, Software Development, Mobile application, Graphic Designing, Social Media, Online Marketing, Freelance services and Offshore I.T services. @t Soft Technologies helps companies stay competitive and re-engineer and re-invent their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace.

The Company established with the objective of providing specific, user-friendly and cost-effective IT solutions of unreasonable quality, @t Soft Technologies has carved a niche for itself in the field for providing software and website solutions that help increase the productivity and operational efficiency of our clients. @t Soft Technologies adheres to strict international standards in service quality and dependability. Driven by the belief in constant innovation and progressive growth, we compromise with our customers to deliver them a divergent competitive advantage.

Why @t Soft Technologies

We enable businesses to manage their technology needs in an entirely annoyance free manner. Though it is quite expensive to maintain a regular IT department, you can reduce costs up to any mark by acquiring our @t Soft IT Services. We deliver timely assistance and quality to our end users. Your decision to outsource to @t Soft will surely bring you appreciated return. After seeing the result, you will not only be able to focus on your core competencies but also gain higher profits through our business effective software solutions. @t Soft Technologies quality commitment is to continually improve the efficiency of our quality management system through monitoring and enhancing customer fulfillment, revising and enhancing quality objectives, regular assessments against Global Standards, evolving and sustaining a skilled & motivated resource base and effective implementation successful tools of website designing to the Social Media Campaign.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We oath to acting with honesty and sincerity without compromising on truth.

Respect: We oath to respecting self and others while maintaining an environment of team work and growth.

Innovation: we oath to commit ourselves with coming up with new and creative ways of doing things. We will keep deadlines in true sense.

Leadership: We oath to have a Results/Solutions oriented approach. We will show the professionalism in job and service providing.

Excellence: We oath to deliver the mentioned plus expected service to external and internal customers and of providing highest level of customer service. We will maintain the utmost level of customer satisfaction

Our Vision

We aim to thrive on innovative solutions and offerings by leveraging technological and service excellence. We make people and businesses realize their true potential by carving out the best solutions. @t Soft Technologies is born out for motivation and craving for success. It is driven by a vision of building a prosperous future for its regulars. @t Soft focus is to give comfort to its customer and patrons from the ripples of today’s technology management. We have a vision to act as topnotch integrated IT outsourcing company for our customers. We are here to empower our customers to build a plan, produce the products then gain the profit by focusing on their specific business goals and to check the competencies for achieving reasonable advantage.

Our Mission

We take shovels in our hands to put great Excellency to work constructively. We have a mission to ensure brilliance and competitiveness to clients in the changing horizon of business world by providing ground-breaking ideas, to make a wining result for all its clients. Organization across the world has a mission of struggling with the dual mandates of cost efficiency and value delivery while supporting progress and freshness. In the most of the parts, flat budgets up till now rising expectations, that’s why Information Technology is still often seen as a cost center not a profit driver. Yet there are now new powerful trends that can enable you to manage these competing priorities effectively. We are focusing on these.